California: Enough Signatures Gathered to Vote on Recalling Gavin Newsom


The chair of a committee supporting the ongoing effort to recall California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom said that his group has enough votes to put the recall initiative on the ballot.

“EVERYONE: We have over 1.5 mill raw signatures but they are not all verified,” Thomas Del Beccaro tweeted on Wednesday. “My message is that 1.5m sounds great but is NOT ENOUGH. To ensure qualification we need 1.9 million.”

The recall effort was triggered due to Newsom’s lockdown orders, which Del Beccaro and other proponents described as perilous to the state’s economy.

“Newsom has devastated the state’s economy with his dictatorial on-again, off-again shutdown orders. We pay the highest taxes in the nation for a state government that treats business and middle-income families as the enemy, catering exclusively to monied special interests in Sacramento. Voters have a recourse—the power of Recall. We did it in 2003 and we can do it again with your help,” said the Rescue California initiative’s page.

The organizers have until March 10 to get the required number of signatures.

Asked on Wednesday about how he would deal with the recall and lockdown initiates such as a ban on outdoor dining, the Democratic governor told reporters that he’s committed to helping small business owners. It came as hecklers attempted to interrupt his press conference, chanting “recall Newsom.”

“I’m focused every single day on getting businesses open, our schools reopened, increasing the rate of vaccinations. … We’re committed and resolved to doing that in every part of this state. I don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican. I care that you’re healthy and safe,” said Newsom on Wednesday in Fresno. “And you can live your lives out loud without fear of a pandemic, and without fear of having to go back into the fits and starts this pandemic has impacted in terms of communities all across this state.”

“We’re doing everything we can to get this economy moving again safely,” added Newsom. The Epoch Times reached out to Newsom’s office for comment.

Newsom received support from the White House on Wednesday, as press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted President Joe Biden, a Democrat, “clearly opposes any effort to recall” the governor.

Newsom has made few mentions about the recall effort and mainly has attempted to focus on how the state is dealing with the CCP virus, or novel coronavirus, pandemic.

“I believe he has acted in good faith and with the best interests of Californians at heart. He has done nothing close to justify the recall campaign,” state Sen. Steve Glazer, a Democrat, said in a video posted to Twitter. He also called on Californians to reject the recall because it is a “distracting and destructive fool’s errand.”

So far, the highest-profile candidates running against Newsom are former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former gubernatorial candidate John Cox—if the recall initiative goes through.


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